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  1. A Primer On Black Suits - Do You Really Need A Black Suit?

    A Primer On Black Suits – Do You Really Need A Black Suit? The black suit. From classic Jazz musicians such as Count Basie and Thelonious Monk, to the silver-screen and movies like Reservoir Dogs or Men In Black, the black suit is a staple in men’s fashion.    While it’s a timeless look, it […]

  2. Groovin' looks

    This look was hot……then….not. Now it’s back. The 70’s gave us disco, roller rinks, and wide lapel suits. Of course, everything old is new again. When we swap out those bell bottoms for pleated pants, it takes a classic, groovin’ style and gives it a very 2019 update. Put your wardrobe through the flux capicitor […]

  3. Merging Summer and Fall Fashions

    Summer is coming to a quick end and Fall is right around the corner, but don’t put away those Summer clothes too quick. There are many ways you can incorporate your Summer options with some Fall gear to create those transition looks. Royal Diamond 2 Piece At the office, use your lighter color suits and add […]

  4. Tips to Cultivate Your Unique Style

    While women’s fashion changes by the week (or even by the minute), men’s fashion seems to have a much slower pace, honoring classics and staying true to what works. Because menswear tends to have a lot of similar styles without wide changes in variety, it can be hard to define your own fashion sense. For men […]

  5. Improve Your Looks Today! Pinstripe Suits are Slimming and Stylish

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one: What’s black and white and looks good on pinstripes? A pit bull on a lawyer… Okay, just kidding. We love lawyers (most of them, anyway), who work long hours and perform valuable services to society – and need to look good while doing it. This is one reason […]

  6. Discover the Timeless Allure of a Double Breasted Suit

    The first time I saw a double breasted suit was back in 1974 in a motion picture entitled The Sting. The man wearing it was none other than Robert Redford, reprising his role of Butch Cassidy in the character’s 1930s incarnation of Johnny Hooker I knew then that I liked double breasted suits. Unfortunately, they […]

  7. Folding a Pocket Square--Part 4: The TV Fold

    I’m not really sure exactly why this square is called the TV fold. Certainly, it is a popular fold among certain TV personalities. The name could also be a reflection of the shape of the folded square, which is essentially like the shape of an old-fashioned CRT television. While this fold is superficially similar to […]

  8. Folding a Pocket Square--Part 3: The Four-Point

    The four-point is a fold that you may want to use when you wish to give the impression of sparing no expense of time or effort in your appearance. Although it may look difficult to achieve, it is really no harder than any of the other folds.

  9. Folding a Pocket Square--Part 2: The Triangle Fold

    While the Presidential Fold has a simple elegance to it, sometimes a man wants to add a bit more pizzazz to his look. One step up in complexity is the Triangle, or One-Point fold. A little fancier in appearance without being too much more elaborate in execution, this is a good choice for a night […]

  10. Folding a pocket square: Part 1

    Paying attention to the details of dress can make the difference between the MVP and the second-stringer. Pocket squares are a nice detail that says to the world, “I care about how I present myself”. Like the necktie, there are several different ways to wear a pocket square. You may choose one that you like […]

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