Dress Shirt and Tie Sets

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A dress shirt and tie is one of the most important additions to any man’s wardrobe. Dress Shirt and tie sets are worn for a wide variety of occasions ranging from work, job interviews, and Friday night dinners to weddings or other formal events. A dress shirt and tie can be worn nearly anywhere. Purchasing a dress shirt and tie set makes creating the perfect ensemble easy. Most of our dress shirt sets include not only the shirt and tie but also a hanky and cuff links.


The ultra-versatile nature of a dress shirt and tie set in various colors and styles is a staple to any man’s closet. Choose a dress shirt in a solid color, bold, textured or one of a multitude of patterns. The sets are accessorized with ties, handkerchiefs and cuff links that create a classic, modern, eclectic or brave look – traditional or contemporary styling.

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