Urban-Zoot Suits

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Discover our collection of men’s urban and zoot suits. When a classic men’s suit seems too tame for your taste, our catalog of urban suits for men may be just the place to find the standout suit that you are looking for. Urban suits may be designed like classic suits, but what truly set these suits apart are the more eccentric and unconventional stylings. A traditional suit isn’t the right choice for every man. At Clothing Connection Online we give you alternatives to the classic 3 piece or double-breasted suit.


Today’s urban suits pay homage to the early men’s zoot suits, which are making a strong comeback. Clothing Connection has one of the best offerings of these modern suits from Canto, Vinci and Vittorio St Angelo. When you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd find the perfect urban suits for men online at Clothing Connection. Be sure to check out our club memberships to save up to 30% on every purchase you make from CCO.

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