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  1. Welcome to the Spotlight

    When you find yourself getting ready to go to the next party or family gathering, take a walk on the wild side. Step outside of the comfort zone of the classic black or navy suit and step into the spotlight with this unique, fashionable, and striking look. If any color combination here does not fit you, do not worry, ...
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  2. Get the look of a King

    Get the look: LeBron James NBA Finals 2018 Before even stepping on the court, LeBron was making waves last night with his sharkskin suit with shorts. The shorts might not work for everyone, but the suit, boots, & shirt were on fire. Get the look (minus the shorts). We have sharkskin 2 piece suits from Vinci that fit the...
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  3. What is a zoot suit?

    What is a zoot suit?
    What exactly is a “zoot suit”? Often also known as an urban suit, a zoot suit is a men’s fashion suit that typically has a high waist, wide leg pants, and a long jacket with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders. This particular fashion style began in the 1940s in Latino, African American, Italian American, and Filipino American communities. ...
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  4. What is a walking suit?

    What is a walking suit?
    What is a walking suit? At CCO Menswear, our walking suits are getting more popular all the time. A walking suit is generally a two piece set with a shirt and a pair of pants. Depending on the season, the shirt will come with long or short sleeves, and the pants can be replaced by a pair of shorts...
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  5. Are cheap suits worth it?

    Are Cheap Suits Worth It? With the cheapest prices on men's suits you can find online, our customers here at CCO Menswear often ask us: "Is it worth buying a cheap suit?" At CCO Menswear, we pride ourselves on selling quality clothing at affordable prices. So, how do we answer that question? We say it is always worth buying a...
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  6. Stay Warm, Stay Classy

    Winter time is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to bundle up and leave your fashion in the fair weather closet! Clothing Connection Online has you covered for all your suit needs with our new Statement Clothing collection and new arrivals from Apollo King. You can keep it fierce with the new bold pieces or stay lower key with...
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  7. Dress Clothing For Dad, The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

    Do you still need a gift for Father’s Day? Have you checked out what is now trending at Clothing Connection Online? We offer great Men’s Suits that can make the perfect gift for that Dad in your life. Don’t worry about department store’s last minute mark-up prices. At Clothing Connection Online, our Now Trending suits are on sale! Whether...
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  8. Mens Spring Dress Fashion

    Although the groundhog said there are 6 more weeks of winter this year, Spring is fast approaching. As the weather gets warmer, make your outfits cooler. So what does Spring mean for latest styles? Stripes and Brights- Step out of the box and add some stripes and bright colored clothes to your wardrobe this Spring, make yourself POP...
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  9. Sweater Weather - Mens Fashion Sweaters

    As we near the holidays, the weather is cooling down and it’s time to style up for the chilly temperatures. You already have your jeans and T’s, all you need are some great sweaters to add. Mens fashion sweaters are the best way to make your casual outfits look a little dressier, yet still have you feeling comfortable and ready...
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  10. Merging Summer and Fall Fashions

    Summer is coming to a quick end and Fall is right around the corner, but don’t put away those Summer clothes too quick. There are many ways you can incorporate your Summer options with some Fall gear to create those transition looks. Royal Diamond 2 PieceAt the office, use your lighter color suits and add a pop of neutral, earthy...
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