1. How to Fashionably Wear a Hat With A Suit

    It’s the age-old question: “Can you wear a hat with a suit?” It can feel like a major fashion risk adding a bold accessory to a formal look. The truth is, you can pull off wearing a hat with a suit… as long as you do it right. Pairing a men’s suit with a hat […]

  2. How to snazz up your WFH game

    Wake up your wardrobe with our newest collection of shirts and dress shirts. Even though you might be working from home or doing more socializing virtually, it’s a good idea (and confidence booster) to show up looking professional. Match them up with most comfortable pants you’ll own, and you’re on your way to owning the zoom […]

  3. Welcome to the Spotlight

    When you find yourself getting ready to go to the next party or family gathering, take a walk on the wild side. Step outside of the comfort zone of the classic black or navy suit and step into the spotlight with this unique, fashionable, and striking look. If any color combination here does not fit […]

  4. Neckties Tie Your Outfit Together

    When it comes to building a stylish outfit that shows off your personality, there’s one accessory that is crucial: the necktie. The common tie has a royal history, coming from Croatia as the cravat and ascending to the top fashion tier for French princes during the 1600s. It evolved into what you see displayed today […]

  5. A Prom to Remember

    Prom night is an important event for a high school student, and there will be plenty of photos to prove it. Renting your formalwear may seem like a good idea, but you can own it for the same cost (or cheaper!) by shopping with Clothing Connection Online. So if you want to make it a […]

  6. Casual Spring Fashion

    We at Clothing Connection Online appreciate being your number one online store when it comes to your special events and big days. Through years of getting you through proms, weddings, business events, and holidays, we have been more than happy to help you select the perfect suits, formalwear, dress shirts, and shoes to get you […]

  7. Announcing Our New Outfits Category

    We at Clothing Connection Online have an exciting new addition to our website that we think will make our already convenient online shopping environment even better for our customers! In addition to our New Arrivals, Big and Tall, Shop By Label, and Shop By Style categories, we have added a new Outfits category. If you […]

  8. New Arrivals - Spring Hats

    While we at Clothing Connection Online may be best known for our stunning men’s suit collections, we also feature the brand name accessories you love. We just got in some stylish new spring hats from popular labels Stacy Adams, Karl Knox, and Carlos Santana, and we just couldn’t wait to show them off.   Stacy Adams […]

  9. Celebrity Style - The Oscars

    If you watched the Oscars on Sunday, then you know what the most famous people in the world are wearing right now. But you don’t have to have personal shoppers and millions of dollars to score similar outfits at Clothing Connection Online.   If you are looking for a simple, clean, and classy style, check […]

  10. For the Love of Your Valentine

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and love is in the air. Whether you are taking the love of your life on a date or going out on the town solo hoping to meet someone special, you’ll want to make sure to look your best. We at Clothing Connection Online have put together some festive outfits […]

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