June 2014

  1. Daniel Ellissa Shirts Review

    When you want to look great, your choice in dress shirts is the place to start. Every suit can be supported by a fashionable dress shirt or tie, making it easy to change up your style without needing a closet filled with pricey suits. Having options for that perfect dress shirt is a must for […]

  2. Summer Wedding Season

    Summer is here, which means that you probably have a ton of special events to attend. Summer is a huge time for weddings, and for each wedding you need to look your best. There are so many choices to be made – colors, cuts, styles, accessories, and more – it’s enough to kill anyone’s excitement. […]

  3. Gifts for the Fashionable Father

    Father’s Day is a special time when you get to honor your dad, or any of the fathers you love. Fathers in your life are everywhere: sons, brothers, cousins, co-workers, neighbors, and more. What could be a better gift for your fashionable father than a new suit, accessory, or an update to their wardrobe? If […]

  4. The Rise and Fall of Pinstripe Suits

    Pinstripes are a sign of sophistication for any suit wearer; a design that allows a man to be distinguished without crossing over to the risky side of patterned suit fashion. Because pinstriping dates back nearly a century, it is both a safe choice and a fashionable one when it comes to men’s fashion. How Did […]

  5. Add Style to your Summer with these Men’s Shoe Fashion Tips

    You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, or so countless women’s advice columns have been saying for ages. Don’t let the ladies down, wear a shoe that speaks volumes about your personality and style. At Clothing Connection, we have a plethora of amazing designs – from a basic dress shoe to […]

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