Summer is here, which means that you probably have a ton of special events to attend. Summer is a huge time for weddings, and for each wedding you need to look your best. There are so many choices to be made – colors, cuts, styles, accessories, and more – it’s enough to kill anyone’s excitement. Stick with a few key rules for summer fashion, and you’ll have a great suit without the headache.

What About Budget?

But how can you look fly without spending a lot of money on a handful of different suits? Shop Clothing Connection to get great prices on good looking summer designs. Choosing from any of our summer appropriate looks will help you stay cool, look amazing, and save some cash.  There are so many choices available, but here are two basic principles of your summer style:

Wear Lightweight Fabrics

beige_13Summer is hot! But with weddings and events from beginning to the end of the season, you’ll have to look sharp. One solution to this problem is wearing lightweight fabrics. From linen to seersucker, you have plenty of choices that will beat the heat but keep you in the bride’s good graces. Seersucker helps keep you cool because it made from cotton, which is light and breathable, and is textured, so it does not make full skin contact and allows for more air to circulate. A seersucker suit looks just as good as a traditional suit, too.

Linen is a top choice for summer fashion, as it does not retain water (aka sweat!), looks chic, and is so breathable. Cotton fabrics in a loose weave, such as twill, poplin, madras, or the aforementioned seersucker, will also allow your body to breathe, and it is easy to come by and more affordable than linen. Suits come in many fabrics, styles, colors, etc., so your summer wardrobe can be varied and still keep you cool.

Looser fabrics and shorter sleeves will make you a lot happier at your next outdoor event. If you can get away with it, wear a casual, matching suit that does not need a jacket – like a walking suit, which come in many styles for you to fill your summer wardrobe with. Or just lose the jacket and go with a cotton dress shirt and pants.

Add Some Color

shoe1Summer is sunny and bright. Take your fashion cues from the world around you and add some color to brighten your wardrobe. There are many suits if less traditional colors to be had if you dare to go bold to the next summer wedding. And if you can’t make the leap to a whole bright suit, don’t be afraid to add a patterned tie, a bright colored dress shirt, or even some fancy kicks to your feet. A summer wedding is a fun occasion, so unless you are ordered otherwise (here’s lookin’ at you, Father of the Bride) you should let yourself have some fun with your fashion.

A summer wedding is not a business meeting, so ditching the traditional suit for a modern cut and some pops of color is a great choice. Stay comfy, and look sharp, this summer with premier garments from Clothing Connection at a cool price.