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  1. Discover the Best Men's Clothing Deals from Our Outlet

    Unlock the Outlet Advantage When it comes to finding the best men’s clothing deals, our outlet is a hidden gem that offers steep discounts on new, high-quality items. We’re here to outline how it works and highlight the incredible finds you can score. Our outlet features excess inventory at deeply discounted prices. It also includes […]

  2. Men's Guide to Suit Alterations: So You Bought a Suit... Now What?

    So, you bought a brand-new suit… now what? While most clothing items come ready to wear, suits require a bit of extra attention before they make their big debut. Just like the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” you don’t want to judge a suit’s fit before it has received proper alterations (unless […]

  3. Men's Style Guide to Slim Fit Suits: Skinny, Tailored, and More

    Just like all timeless fashion garments, the men’s suit has seen many iterations throughout its history — and continues to evolve today. What started out as a relaxed look with loose-fitting jackets has evolved into more tailored sets. It was in the early 1900s that designers started opting for a shorter, fitted suit jacket and […]

  4. Mens' Guide to What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

    What Men Should Wear to a Beach Wedding Properly deciphering the dress code for a wedding can be one of life’s greatest wardrobe challenges. Even for more informal affairs, vague phrasing like “dressy casual” or “beach chic” can be open to interpretation and make it difficult to have confidence in what you choose to wear. […]

  5. A Primer On Black Suits - Do You Really Need A Black Suit?

    A Primer On Black Suits – Do You Really Need A Black Suit? The black suit. From classic Jazz musicians such as Count Basie and Thelonious Monk, to the silver-screen and movies like Reservoir Dogs or Men In Black, the black suit is a staple in men’s fashion.    While it’s a timeless look, it […]

  6. Stay Warm, Stay Classy

    Winter time is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to bundle up and leave your fashion in the fair weather closet! Clothing Connection Online has you covered for all your suit needs with our new Statement Clothing collection and new arrivals from Apollo King. You can keep it fierce with the new bold pieces […]

  7. Mens Spring Dress Fashion

    Although the groundhog said there are 6 more weeks of winter this year, Spring is fast approaching. As the weather gets warmer, make your outfits cooler. So what does Spring mean for latest styles? Stripes and Brights- Step out of the box and add some stripes and bright colored clothes to your wardrobe this Spring, […]

  8. The Rise and Fall of Pinstripe Suits

    Pinstripes are a sign of sophistication for any suit wearer; a design that allows a man to be distinguished without crossing over to the risky side of patterned suit fashion. Because pinstriping dates back nearly a century, it is both a safe choice and a fashionable one when it comes to men’s fashion. How Did […]

  9. Summer Wedding Trends

    We at Clothing Connection Online specialize in group orders of all types, and we would be honored to be a part of the most important day of your life! We stand by our excellent prices, quality, and customer service to make sure you look your best for your special event. And we offer the latest […]

  10. A Prom to Remember

    Prom night is an important event for a high school student, and there will be plenty of photos to prove it. Renting your formalwear may seem like a good idea, but you can own it for the same cost (or cheaper!) by shopping with Clothing Connection Online. So if you want to make it a […]

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