Just like all timeless fashion garments, the men's suit has seen many iterations throughout its history — and continues to evolve today. What started out as a relaxed look with loose-fitting jackets has evolved into more tailored sets. It was in the early 1900s that designers started opting for a shorter, fitted suit jacket and a clean aesthetic. With the 1960s came one of the most flattering upgrades to date: the slim fit suit, complete with slim ties, lapels, and pants.

The Men's Style Guide to Slim Fit Suits

With its tailored silhouette and contemporary appeal, the slim fit suit has become a staple in modern wardrobes, exuding confidence and style. When it comes to suits, it's just as important to know your preferred fit as it is to know your accurate size. Wider suits can make you appear broader than you are, but slim fit suits lend a streamlined look to almost any body type.

Slim fit suits have been all the rage for years, and continue to be a style staple for men today. More recently, the category of slim fit suits has been further divided into additional fit types. Here's your guide to the many forms of the slim fit suit:

The Hybrid Fit AKA The Modern Fit

Three images of the same man wearing plaid hybrid fit suits in tan, gray, and green - slim fit suit

Hybrid suits offer a slim look with more room for flexibility

Hybrid fit suits bridge the gap between slim and regular fits. They offer a more relaxed fit in the jacket while maintaining a slim silhouette in the trousers. This combination allows for comfort and ease of movement while retaining a modern aesthetic. Hybrid fit suits are becoming prominent as they cater to individuals who appreciate a balanced fit without compromising on style. Because of their adaptability, hybrid fit suits are often referred to as modern fit as well.

What's the difference between a Hybrid Fit and Modern Fit Suit?

There isn't a difference between hybrid and modern fits. They are synonymous, referring to the style that falls between slim and regular fit suits.

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Tailored Fit Suits

three men wearing tailored fit suits in tan, black, and gray - slim fit suit

Flattering for almost every body type: the tailored fit suit

Tailored fit suits are the epitome of sophistication. The fit of tailored fit suits lie between modern/hybrid fit suits and the traditional slim fit suit. They provide a well-fitted look without being overly restrictive. These suits have a jacket with a slightly tapered waist and trousers that offer a refined drape. Tailored fit suits hold a timeless elegance, making them suitable for a range of formal events and professional settings.

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Skinny Fit AKA Ultra Thin Fit

Men wearing skinny fit suits in tan, navy, brown, and maroon - slim fit suit

Skinny fit suits offer a trim silhouette for men

The slimmest style available, skinny fit suits (also known as ultra thin fit suits) are the choice for those who want to make a bold statement. These suits characterize themselves with an extremely slim and tapered jacket, paired with narrow trousers. While they offer a fashion-forward look, skinny fit suits are not suitable for every body type. However, they have carved a niche in the fashion scene for their daring and edgy appeal.

What's the difference between a Skinny Fit and Ultra Slim Fit Suit?

There is very little difference between ultra slim and skinny fit. Each designer uses their own terminology to distinguish between different styles.

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