May 2014

  1. Summer Fashion Tips to Stay Cool

    Spring is finally warming up, and summer is just around the corner, so battling rising temperatures while still maintaining your fashion sense is the name of the game. How do you stay cool without looking any less sharp? It’s all about the choices you make. These summer wear fashion tips for men will help you […]

  2. Neckties Tie Your Outfit Together

    When it comes to building a stylish outfit that shows off your personality, there’s one accessory that is crucial: the necktie. The common tie has a royal history, coming from Croatia as the cravat and ascending to the top fashion tier for French princes during the 1600s. It evolved into what you see displayed today […]

  3. Tips to Cultivate Your Unique Style

    While women’s fashion changes by the week (or even by the minute), men’s fashion seems to have a much slower pace, honoring classics and staying true to what works. Because menswear tends to have a lot of similar styles without wide changes in variety, it can be hard to define your own fashion sense. For men […]

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