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  1. Groovin' looks

    This look was hot……then….not. Now it’s back. The 70’s gave us disco, roller rinks, and wide lapel suits. Of course, everything old is new again. When we swap out those bell bottoms for pleated pants, it takes a classic, groovin’ style and gives it a very 2019 update. Put your wardrobe through the flux capicitor […]

  2. Tips to Cultivate Your Unique Style

    While women’s fashion changes by the week (or even by the minute), men’s fashion seems to have a much slower pace, honoring classics and staying true to what works. Because menswear tends to have a lot of similar styles without wide changes in variety, it can be hard to define your own fashion sense. For men […]

  3. Steve Harvey Suits vs Solo 360 - Why Pay More?

    No doubt about it – comedian and Hollywood celebrity Steve Harvey is among the world’s best-dressed men. And his line of fashionable menswear is surely a reflection of that. Fans and colleagues have noted Harvey for his impeccable sense of style and from this recognition, his high-end suits are widely known. But did you know […]

  4. Capture the Mad Man Look – Our Style Guide to Mad Men Suits

    Capture the Mad Man Look – Our Style Guide to Mad Men Suits

    The hugely popular AMC television series Mad Men is in many ways a brutally frank portrayal of a turbulent and far less enlightened time, still well within living memory. It was a time during which businessmen were men and women were expected to be women – but those women were increasingly resisting the roles society […]

  5. "And as long as I've got my Suit and Tie..." - Justin Timberlake ft. JAY Z

    "And as long as I've got my Suit and Tie..." - Justin Timberlake ft. JAY Z

    “And as long as I’ve got my Suit and Tie…” – Justin Timberlake ft. JAY Z   Click this link to watch the YouTube video and listen to the song! We heard this song on the radio and couldn’t wait to share it with you. The powerful duo of long time stars Justin Timberlake and […]

  6. Improve Your Looks Today! Pinstripe Suits are Slimming and Stylish

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one: What’s black and white and looks good on pinstripes? A pit bull on a lawyer… Okay, just kidding. We love lawyers (most of them, anyway), who work long hours and perform valuable services to society – and need to look good while doing it. This is one reason […]

  7. How to Dress the James Bond Look - CCO Menswear Style

    How to Dress the James Bond Look – CCO Menswear Style With the newest installment of the James Bond series “Skyfall” opening in US theaters this past weekend, we thought we’d pay tribute to the developing styles throughout the movie. Agent 007, played by Daniel Craig, is known for his lavish Men’s Suits and clean-cut […]

  8. NBA Showdown - The Men's Suit

    NBA Showdown – The Men’s Suit The NBA season tipped-off this week and we also had the start of our November Kick-Off Event where everything in the store is currently on sale. What better way to present this than a showdown of NBA players and how they wear their Men’s Suit? We learned through our […]

  9. Halloween Costume Ideas Using a Men's Suit

    Halloween Costume Ideas Using a Men’s Suit Need some last minute costume ideas? We’ve compiled a list of easy costumes you can dress up as using your Men’s Suit and some readily available accessories. Whether it’s for a party or taking your children around the neighborhood trick or treating, these costume ideas will be quickly […]

  10. Folding a Pocket Square--Part 4: The TV Fold

    I’m not really sure exactly why this square is called the TV fold. Certainly, it is a popular fold among certain TV personalities. The name could also be a reflection of the shape of the folded square, which is essentially like the shape of an old-fashioned CRT television. While this fold is superficially similar to […]

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