Stop us if you've heard this one: What's black and white and looks good on pinstripes?

A pit bull on a lawyer...

Okay, just kidding. We love lawyers (most of them, anyway), who work long hours and perform valuable services to society – and need to look good while doing it. This is one reason that men (and women as well) in the legal profession favor pinstripe suits. Of course, they're not just for lawyers – pin stripe suits are appropriate for all professional who need to look their best.

Interestingly, the history of the pinstripe suit originates not in the world of commerce and the law, but rather in recreation and sports.  According to the Susan North, deputy curator of the Albert and Victoria Museum in London, U.K., striped suits were not at first considered “staid” nor “respectable.” They were in fact, considered “flashy.” Boating outfits during the late 19th Century usually sported stripes; a few years later, in 1907, the Chicago Cubs baseball team became the first to wear pinstripe suits as part of their uniforms.

During what we call the “Jazz Age,” pinstripes were very popular all around, particularly among high-profile entertainers as well as infamous mob figures like Al Capone and Dutch Schultz (it could be argued that pin stripe suits were the original “gangster wear”). Naturally, pinstripe suits for men caught on among the general population as well.

What's more interesting about pinstripe suits is that they have never fallen out of fashion. They come back in new and classic forms every generation. You'll find a selection of over three dozen great pinstripe suits for men here at Clothing Connection Online in a variety of styles – including double breasted (always a classic), single-breasted, and of course, the professional's standard, the three-piece.  Our inventory is represented by some of the top manufacturers in the industry, including Vinci,  Cooper & Nelson, Solo 360 and Vittorio St. Angelo. These suits are made from the finest materials and with proper care, will look sharp for years to come.

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