Halloween Costume Ideas Using a Men's Suit

Need some last minute costume ideas? We've compiled a list of easy costumes you can dress up as using your Men's Suit and some readily available accessories. Whether it's for a party or taking your children around the neighborhood trick or treating, these costume ideas will be quickly assembled using your Clothing Connection Online products.


Men in Black

Everyone loves this classic movie from 1997 featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. To turn it into a simple costume, wear a Men's Tuxedo paired with black sunglasses and you'll quickly be transformed into either Agent J or Agent K. Get creative and bring along an alien prop or construct a Men in Black Neuralizer and you'll be good to go.


1920s Gangster

This costume idea is so simple it's almost scary in itself. Throw on any Men's Suit, pair it with some Men's Dress Shoes and a Fedora Style Hat for the base of the costume. To complete the look, purchase a fake Tommy gun or attach a rose to your suit pocket like the picture above and you'll be on your way to a 1920s Gangster in no time.


Count Dracula

If you're wanting to get spooky, the classic Count Dracula can be an easy and quick way to go. Match a pair of Men's Dress Pants with a Men's Vest Set for the base of the costume. Go to your local Costume Shop and purchase a cape and a set of pointy teeth and you'll be transformed into a vampire for the night.


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