While women’s fashion changes by the week (or even by the minute), men’s fashion seems to have a much slower pace, honoring classics and staying true to what works. Because menswear tends to have a lot of similar styles without wide changes in variety, it can be hard to define your own fashion sense. For men who want to separate themselves from the crowd, here are some tips you can use to start carving out your own fashion niche.

Trust Your Instincts and Tastes

First, realize that everyone has their own unique style and certain things that only they can pull off. Clothing Connection Online_blue sweaterMake use of this unique taste. Each man cultivates ideas about how he looks while gravitating toward clothing, materials, colors and designs that he enjoys. Don’t be afraid to use your uniqueness, your “you” pieces, and your particular taste to influence your next ensemble, whether it is a classic sweater to wear on your day off with the family, or a power suit for your next big business meeting. When it comes to fashion, letting your desires lead you can help make you stand out.

Get Bold with Colors

Don’t be afraid to add some color. Many men are drawn to bright colors, even if they don’t show it. While most work attire comes in dark shades or variations of gray, it is more than possible to add a Clothing Connection Online_color tiepop of color to formal or work-appropriate clothing. In fact, bold colors can inspire their wearer to act more boldly – something that could pay off in a business venture. Men can add color via a tie, or with a subtly colored pattern. If you aren’t wearing a suit, or you are wearing one to a fun occasion, there’s really no limit on how much color you can add or where you can add it: shirts, shoes, pocket squares, the list goes on.

Break Away from Standard Suits

A suit in a nonstandard color could make your day a lot more fun if you can get away with it. It’s important to know whether or not your work environment is ready for a new outlook on fashion. Many people have heard that the bigger the man, the fewer color choices he has; if you adhere to this rule, adding a sharply patterned tie will still give you a unique look. If you have doubt about how fashion forward your workplace is, start with the tie and move on to bolder and bolder choices while gauging the reaction around you. And if you don’t have a strict workplace (or if you work from home, are retired or are the boss), then there’s nothing to hold you back. Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.

Go Retro

Another bold look that can fly both in and out of the workplace is a retro-inspired suit. Consider trying to add an updated vintage look to your wardrobe. Looking like a character from Mad Men is popular Clothing Connection Online_brown suitfor a reason. This pattern is chic yet still professional, and this is something fun for your day off. Brown suits, which aren’t seen as much as they once were, give the wearer an automatic vintage feel, as do autumnal colors (think burnt orange, dark yellows, and browns) for accessories, such as ties or a pair of throwback suspenders.

When you know yourself, you can create a look that will automatically be associated with you. If color is something that attracts you, don’t be afraid to wear it. If you love retro style, find a pattern, color or style that pays homage to your favorite decade. It is also important to know your surroundings, so you can choose how much to dial up elements of your fashion: how conservative your workplace is, what type of lighting you will be seen in, what the appropriate style of dress is. Make your mark, stand out from the crowd and do it all with your choice of fashion. Let Clothing Connection Online be your source for new fashion pieces to help create the look you’ve always wanted.