The hugely popular AMC television series Mad Men is in many ways a brutally frank portrayal of a turbulent and far less enlightened time, still well within living memory. It was a time during which businessmen were men and women were expected to be women – but those women were increasingly resisting the roles society expected them to play. Throw in a burgeoning civil rights movement, urban unrest, escalating involvement in a new war, the beginnings of a youth rebellion that would culminate in the “hippie” counter-culture, political intrigue in Washington DC and elsewhere, the Cold War, big gas-guzzling cars and cheap gasoline and you have the perfect setting of a story rife with a hundred kinds of conflict – which is, after all, at the heart of all compelling stories.

Different fans of the show will have their own opinions and ideas about it, of course – but there is one thing pretty much everyone agrees with: the fashions are impeccable. Don Draper, played by actor Jon Hamm, is the epitome of the “well-dressed man.” In fact, if you are a fan of classic movies made prior to the mid-1960s, you've probably noticed that men (and women) back in the day were always well dressed – whether for business or pleasure.

The Mad Men Look for Less

Retro Slim Suit

The Mad Men suits have come back into vogue, thanks to the popularity of the show. To help you capture the look and style of Mad Men suit, CCO has pulled together a few noteworthy tips on just what it is that makes these suits iconic and appealing, along with a few tips on which suits we offer which fit the bill. Firstly understand that many of those classic suits from the late 1950s and early 1960s were hand tailored. While it may add a little extra challenge to get the “Don Draper” look relying on “off-the-rack” clothing, Clothing Connection Online does have a vast inventory of suits from leading Italian and U.S. clothing makers that are made to fit very well. This is a very important aspect of the mad men suit; you must find a suit that fits. In fact, to capture the mad men look you may want to consider having it tailored to create the signature tapered look. By following a few easy tips, you can dress like a “Mad Man” for a fraction of what the original characters paid (adjusted for inflation, of course) fifty years ago.

A Tapered Cut Sets the Stage
First of all, take a good hard look at Jon Hamm in his role as Draper as well as the other characters. Notice the slim, tapered profile. The ideal male figure has a v-shape configuration. Look for a slim suit that is wider in the shoulders – but not too wide and narrower in the waist. The shoulders should drop straight down along the line of the arms, with the sleeves showing around half an inch of shirt cuff when your arms are down and relaxed. You will find a selection of this cut in our slim suits category. Finally, check out the length; unless you're going for the look of the 19th-Century or a forties-style “zoot suit,” you want to make sure the bottom of the jacket doesn't go beyond the bottom of your thumbnail.

The Perfect Colors
At CCO, we have a wide range of colors – but if you're going for the “Don Draper” look, you'll want to go with more conservative shades of gray and black (largely favored by high-powered executives of that time period). The same applies to the tie; colorful bow ties and wide four-hand ties are out. Look for a narrower, black or gray tie that is either solid or has muted, diagonal stripes. These are accented with a pocket square and 1 inch tie clip.

It's worth going to the trouble of taking some measurements before ordering from CCO. Of course, you can always give us a call toll-free at 888.688.7848, where a sales representative will be happy to assist you.