I'm not really sure exactly why this square is called the TV fold. Certainly, it is a popular fold among certain TV personalities. The name could also be a reflection of the shape of the folded square, which is essentially like the shape of an old-fashioned CRT television. While this fold is superficially similar to the Presidential, in that you end up with a rectangle showing, the TV fold has a smooth fold at the top, rather than the loose edges of the Presidential. It is a fold that personifies restrained strength, and it is very simple to accomplish.

2) Fold it in half lengthwise


3) Fold the bottom up to the top


4) turn the square so it looks like a diamond, and fold the bottom corner up to the top to make a triangle.


5) Fold the left corner just past halfway


6) Fold the right corner over


7) Fold the top corner down to make a square


8) Flip the square around so that the folds are concealed, and put it in your pocket with about 1/2 inch showing


So there you have it: four different ways to fold your pocket square. If you decide this is a lot of fun, you can look online to find even more ideas. Pocket squares are one of the few areas in which men can really have fun with what they wear, and are worth exploring.  Now, a few tips:

  • Never confuse a pocket square with a handkerchief. ¬†Always carry a plain white hanky in your pocket for blowing your nose or offering to damsels in distress (hopefully not in that order).
  • Pocket squares can be purchased in sets to match ties, or purchased separately. If purchased separately, they should be in the same color and pattern world as the tie you are wearing.
  • Can you wear a square without a tie? Certainly! It's your fashion, so knock yourself out!


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