No doubt about it – comedian and Hollywood celebrity Steve Harvey is among the world's best-dressed men. And his line of fashionable menswear is surely a reflection of that. Fans and colleagues have noted Harvey for his impeccable sense of style and from this recognition, his high-end suits are widely known. But did you know you don’t have to pay top dollar for a Steve Harvey suit, when there are great alternatives that offer the same style and class? So if you like Steve Harvey suits but want to find some great priced alternatives, we have just line of suits for you - Solo 360.

Solo 360 Men's Wool Easter Suit

We all know high-end fashion comes at a high-end price. With some suits hovering around the $800 range, we have all wondered if they could really be worth it. Now, if you are among those who can afford to pay top dollar for overpriced products and find that the price tag adds to the style, then we may not have the answer for you. But if on the other hand if getting quality without paying a premium price is a point of pride, then we do in fact have some great suits for you. At Clothing Connection Online, we still believe in value – and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is by offering some of the best deals on the latest men's fashions. And, while we are not currently stocking the Steve Harvey suits, we have great suits that compares very favorably with that upscale line – for a fraction of the price.

Solo 360

Let us introduce you to Solo 360. These fine Italian suits are made from 100% merino wool as well as wool-silk blends and are some of the most fashionable suits on the market today. Best of all, here at CCO, you won't pay more than $155 for a Solo 360 suit. If you take advantage of one of our Club Membership options, you can get one for under $120! Consider that even on sale, a low-end Steve Harvey suit may very well cost you at least twice that. These suits are great alternative to Steve Harvey suits.

Once you're dressed to the nines and turning heads, nobody is going to give a hoot about how much you paid for it, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you paid only a fraction of what the other guy did. Buy your suits from Clothing Connection Online and know you are getting high fashion at a great price.