Although the groundhog said there are 6 more weeks of winter this year, Spring is fast approaching. As the weather gets warmer, make your outfits cooler.

So what does Spring mean for latest styles?

Stripes and Brights- Step out of the box and add some stripes and bright colored clothes to your wardrobe this Spring, make yourself POP. We have a great new selection of striped and brightly colored suits, shirts, and much more! Our Canto Men's 3 Piece Wool Feel Fashion Suit is a perfect pick for your stripes and brights.  Spring wool blend suits make an excellent additions to your wardrobe since they'll keep you insulated from cold snaps and wind, but still allow you "breath" on warm and humid days.

Tony Blake Two Tone Canto 3 piece









Get Lean! Pull out those slim pants and pair them up with a roomy collared shirt. This Spring, Slim is in. Lean blazers and lean trousers are the way to go. Our Demantie Men's Flat Front Pants are a great Slim Fit cut for the look you’re trying to achieve. Also, the Vittorio St. Angelo Men's Slim Fit Suit is a great pant and jacket combo, just add your loose collared bright shirt and you are good to go!

Slim Fit Dress Pants For Men

Mens Slim Fit Dress Suit











“Summer-Ready”- Spring always seems to make a quick appearance before the hot Summer weather arrives, so make sure your Spring attire is also Summer ready. Since Spring is in that in-between of cold and hot weather, you may still need a jacket to add to your outfit. Top Coats are a perfect fit for a “summer-ready” wardrobe. When left unbuttoned, they are loose and allow air to flow through without over-heating and causing you to sweat. Clothing Connection’s Vinci Men's Full Length Top Coat is a great piece to match up with your spring collection.

discount mens top coat