Father’s Day is a special time when you get to honor your dad, or any of the fathers you love. Fathers in your life are everywhere: sons, brothers, cousins, co-workers, neighbors, and more. What could be a better gift for your fashionable father than a new suit, accessory, or an update to their wardrobe?

Casual_ShirtIf the father in your life is a fun, sporty guy who enjoys taking the kids to the park and throwing the ball around the backyard, choose appropriate apparel. He may not need another suit, but he could definitely use some casual shirts or even a walking suit for Sundays.

If you are buying multiple gifts for many different fathers, consider purchasing a few ties. A tie is small but thoughtful gift for any dad. Ties are the typical father’s day gift for a reason: you can’t go wrong adding another tie to your wardrobe, and chances are, you’ll use it. Every man has a different style, so take time to consider bright and patterned ties along with the classic solids.

For the man who has all his suit needs covered, get him some fancy kicks to add to his array of suits. If you don’t know how he’d react to animal print or pointed toes, go for a basic wing tip. They look good with a wide variety of suit styles.

fedora-blackSummer and Father’s Day go hand in hand, so why not buy something that will keep dad cool. Lightweight headgear can shield dad from the sun while allowing body heat to escape, and they add a distinct punch of style to an ensemble. As long as you choose a hat made from light fabrics, like paper, raffia, straw, etc., you can give him an awesome accessory. Don’t be surprised to see the dad in your life rocking his new fedora, even when he’s inside.

Many fathers do not regularly update their wardrobes, between work, play, helping with school projects, and everything else they need to do. Buying a new suit for the father of your children is the perfect way to show your appreciation – plus, you’ll be able to dress him appropriately for the next big event you have planned. While it is the most expensive option a whole suit will show dad how much you care; you can find really affordable suits of all kinds on Clothing Connection. You can also choose to get dad a sport coat, so he can wear it with his existing wardrobe.

Suits are subject to personal style – so make sure you get the dad in your life something that will make him smile. It’s best to shop online with him, show him photos, and make sure you know his measurements. Most of all, help him choose a suit or sport coat that will complement his personality, whether it’s slim and modern, retro, or classic.

If your dad hasn't had a new suit since your high school graduation, perhaps it’s about that time. Show dad you love him with a suit or accessories for his wardrobe.