The first time I saw a double breasted suit was back in 1974 in a motion picture entitled The Sting. The man wearing it was none other than Robert Redford, reprising his role of Butch Cassidy in the character's 1930s incarnation of Johnny Hooker

I knew then that I liked double breasted suits. Unfortunately, they weren't in style that year. I did finally find a very nice double breasted suit with pinstripes – very similar to the one Redford wore in the movie – that fit. However, it was impossible to locate matching pants. Men's double breasted suits first became popular in the 1930s. Their popularity lasted into the 1950s, but by the Sixties, they were all but forgotten. They made a comeback in the late 1980s, but today, it can be difficult to find them at most typical retail outlets especially at a good price.

At Clothing Connection Online however, we are of the opinion that some fashions are timeless – including men's double breasted suits. Our online store currently carries 21 different styles from 9 top clothing manufacturers around the world, including Vittorio St. Angelo, Canto and Phat Farm. Now, while I personally prefer my double breasted suits in pinstripes, you are certainly not limited to those. Our selection of double-breasted suits range from in informal denim suit from Canto to some very high-fashion selections that feature extra length and a higher neck opening that recall the elegance of the late Victorian Age (all you'd need is a nice top hat). A few of them even come with matching vests – a true rarity when it comes to double breasted suits for men.

The best part of all is that prices start out at under $100 ($90 for Club Members).

When selecting a double breasted suit, keep your figure in mind. The jackets come in a number of different configurations, ranging from two to eight rows of buttons (not all of which are functional – for example, a jacket that has two rows of buttons that actually close and one row that is merely decorative is called a “six-on-four” - meaning there are a total of six buttons, but only four of which have corresponding button holes). If you have a long torso, you can go with an eight-on-four or eight-on-six. Remember, double-breasted jackets look best when closed and buttoned; if you are short-waisted, you may prefer to go with a six-on-four or even a four-on-two.

Whatever your body type, you'll find the best-looking fashions for less right here at CCO.