Summer is coming to a quick end and Fall is right around the corner, but don’t put away those Summer clothes too quick. There are many ways you can incorporate your Summer options with some Fall gear to create those transition looks.

Mens 2 Piece Suit
Royal Diamond 2 Piece

At the office, use your lighter color suits and add a pop of neutral, earthy tones for the Fall feel. Some great Fall colors could be grays, browns, darker greens, blues and reds. Just adding one of these colors can make any lighter suit look more subtle and festive for the cooler weather. It can be as easy as adding a button down shirt and a darker tie in an array of these colors. Two great examples of this are our Royal Diamond Men's 2 Piece Suit and the Vittorio St. Angelo 3 Piece suit. Both are perfect examples of lighter, Summery suits that just need a dark shirt (imagine our Daniel Ellissa Burgundy dress shirt) to compliment.

Vittorio St. Angelo 3 Piece

Vittorio St. Angelo 3 Piece


Daniel Ellissa

These are both light enough suits that you would wear in the summer with a bright shirt but can easily be changed up for fall by the simple add of the orange, or any other Autumn colored shirt.  And don’t forget, if you’re not in the office, still make use of those shorts! Add a darker knit T-shirt and a casual cardigan, or zip up jacket, for the autumn look. Adding summer to fall is the best of both worlds!