Paying attention to the details of dress can make the difference between the MVP and the second-stringer. Pocket squares are a nice detail that says to the world, "I care about how I present myself". Like the necktie, there are several different ways to wear a pocket square. You may choose one that you like and make it your signature look, or you may like to mix it up and wear different folds according to your mood.  Over the next several posts, we will be exploring some of the different ways to fold your pocket square.


The Basic Square

This style is often favored by politicians and is sometimes called "The Presidential". It is an understated, yet classic style, and very easy to do.

1) open the pocket square and lay it flat

2) Fold it in half lengthwise

3) Fold the bottom up to the top

and tuck into your pocket with the fold on the side nearest the lapel.

There you are: a simple and yet elegant pocket square. This style works great when you have a nice vivid pocket square in a solid color. It adds a bit of panache without drawing too much attention to itself.

Coming up Next: The Triangle fold

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