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  1. Suits: the Quality Checklist

    Whether you are just beginning to build your first core wardrobe, or whether you have a closet full of suits, it’s a good idea to review this Quality Checklist when you shop to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. A suit that is ill-made or does not fit properly will not help […]

  2. Suits--the Core Wardrobe

        It’s a great thing to have a closet full of sharp suits to wear. To be able to express yourself with fashion and add your own personal flair to your style.  But many a young man comes fresh out of college with a closet full of sweatpants and t-shirts, unprepared to face the […]

  3. Protect Your Investment

    When you invest in your wardrobe, getting great value in a suit is only the first step. Here are some tips for protecting that investment and making sure those suits look great for as long as you want to wear them.         Keep it clean, but be careful how you do it […]

  4. What are "Super" Wools?

    It’s hard to go far in looking at men’s fashion without coming up against the “Super” wools. Super wool is a trade name that traditionally described fabrics made of the finest wool available, typically merino wool (wool from the merino sheep). Nowadays the term can also be used for wool blends.  The Super wool fabrics […]

  5. Suit Fabrics, Continued

    In our last post, we talked about some of the fabric types you might run into when shopping for a suit. In this post, we continue with more fabric types.   Poplin  Poplin is a lightweight plain-weave fabric, usually made from cotton. It is sometimes called tabinet. Because cotton dyes easily, suits made from poplin […]

  6. Suit Fabrics Explained

    Traditionally most suits were made of wool because of its durability, looks and ability to hold a tailored shape. These days, many suits are made of wool blends and synthetic or natural fibers that are not wool. These new and old fabrics can go by a bewildering variety of names. Here is a primer on […]

  7. Steal the Trend Without Having to Rob a Bank

    Here at Clothing Connection Online we’ve been following the news about Men’s Fashion Week with interest, of course, because men’s fashion is a passion of ours.  Esquire Magazine online has come up with a great post called 10 Trends to Steal from Fashion Week… Right Now  Their editorial staff has come up with 10 trends […]

  8. What Size Suit Should I Buy?

    Many gentlemen know their suit size, but if you are a young man shopping for his first suit or if you have not shopped for suits for a long time, finding your proper suit size may seem like a mystery.  However, it is actually very simple, as outlined in these steps:   1)      Size. All […]

  9. Thanksgiving Day Sale Ends Tomorrow

    If you thought you missed out on the best deals, there’s still time to take advantage of our Thanksgiving Day Sale. The sale ends tomorrow. Ties from $9.97. Smokey Joe’s Walking Suits from $39.97. Suits from $59.97….and those are just a few examples. For advanced notifications of our sales,join our mailing list. Follow us on […]

  10. It's our BIGGEST Thanksgiving Day Sale Ever!

    You’ve waited all year for our biggest sale of the year! This year, we are slashing prices like never before! This sale is too big to put everything in this email. To see the full sale, Click Here.   All items are available on a first come first served basis. Shop early for the best selection! […]

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