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  1. Stacy Adams Hats – How Cool Can You Be?

    Stacy Adams Hats – How Cool Can You Be?

    What’s your favorite Frank Sinatra song? We can’t limit it to just one – Old “Blue Eyes” recorded so many great sides during a career that spanned six decades, it would be impossible to pick just one – but nobody can argue that Sinatra was the virtual “King of Cool,” not a small part of […]

  2. Thanksgiving Day Sale Ends Tomorrow

    If you thought you missed out on the best deals, there’s still time to take advantage of our Thanksgiving Day Sale. The sale ends tomorrow. Ties from $9.97. Smokey Joe’s Walking Suits from $39.97. Suits from $59.97….and those are just a few examples. For advanced notifications of our sales,join our mailing list. Follow us on […]

  3. Save an EXTRA 15% on Cyber Monday

    We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy it with family and friends.   If you were concerned that you missed out on the best deals, we can put your mind at ease!   For Cyber Monday, take 15% off any item in our store including products that are part of our Thanksgiving […]

  4. Stacy Adams Footwear

    Stacy Adams Shoes for Men Finding the perfect shoes to complete your perfect outfit is not an easy task. Yet, it is an important one. Shoes can either help make an outfit look great, or hurt an outfits potential. As any person who has ever worn a pair of sneakers with a tailored suit can […]

  5. It's our BIGGEST Thanksgiving Day Sale Ever!

    You’ve waited all year for our biggest sale of the year! This year, we are slashing prices like never before! This sale is too big to put everything in this email. To see the full sale, Click Here.   All items are available on a first come first served basis. Shop early for the best selection! […]

  6. Loriano Suits

    Loriano suits have become one of the hottest new brands out there. From 100% wool suits to wool blends and styles ranging from 3 piece men’s suits to executive & business suits and double breasted men’s suits, they offer the largest selection of suits around. This week we have been focusing on different styles of […]

  7. 3 Piece Suits

    Our extensive catalog includes a wide selection of mens three piece suits. For 15 years, we have made it our goal to bring the best of men’s suits to the general public and stylish three piece suits are no exception. Three piece suits for men will never go out of style, making them one of […]

  8. Find the Perfect Hat in our Stacy Adams Collection

    Stacy Adams Hats for Men Stacy Adams hats have a long history of elegance and beauty. They emit sophistication and style but also add a sense of youth and fun. Whether you are attending a business meeting, a cocktail party, a wedding, a church function, or you are simply dressing up for a night out […]

  9. Stacy Adams Hats

    As anyone in the fashion industry will tell you, the perfect hat can make or break the outfit. It is an accessory that can speak volumes. That is why we are pleased to announce the line of Stacy Adams hats available from Clothing Connection Online. Stacy Adams hats for men are a perfect addition to […]

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