Many gentlemen know their suit size, but if you are a young man shopping for his first suit or if you have not shopped for suits for a long time, finding your proper suit size may seem like a mystery.  However, it is actually very simple, as outlined in these steps:


1)      Size. All our suits have a “6 inch drop”.  This simply means that you add 6 inches to your waist size. Thus, a gentleman with a 36 waist would usually take a 42 jacket.  We generally advise that gentlemen with a muscular build round up one size.  In this case a gentleman with a 36 waist and a muscular build would take a size 44.

2)      Length. The proper length of your jacket is based on your height. Gentlemen who are 5’7’’ and shorter take a short length, indicated in the size options by the letter ‘S’. Gentlemen who are 5’8”-5’11” take a regular jacket ‘R’, and if you are 6’ or taller, you will look best in a long, or ‘L’ size length.


Sometimes a customer will ask us if we can sell them a suit with, for instance, a pair of 36 waist pants and a 40 jacket.  We are unable to sell separates and still give you the high quality at the low price that you expect from Clothing Connection Online. However, in cases like this, we advise the customer to purchase a suit with a jacket that fits, and have the pants altered. Altering pants is much easier and therefore less expensive than altering a jacket.

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