Here at Clothing Connection Online we’ve been following the news about Men’s Fashion Week with interest, of course, because men’s fashion is a passion of ours.  Esquire Magazine online has come up with a great post called 10 Trends to Steal from Fashion Week... Right Now  Their editorial staff has come up with 10 trends from fashion week and given “affordable” alternatives to the original haute styles.  Did you notice those quotation marks around “affordable”?  With all due respect to the style desk at Esquire, a $330 blazer by Piombo or a $1037 tailored suit by Julius doesn’t go quite far enough towards making fashion trends available to the average man.

But you can relax. That’s what we’re here for.

Here are links to some slides from Esquire’s slide show, with some suggestions from our store to help you keep your wardrobe ahead of the trend:


“The Trend: Oceans of Blue”
Why spend $330 on a fancy blazer when you can get a 2 pc. Suit for $65?

men's suits

Men's Fashion 2pc Poplin Suit in Royal Blue










Just want a jacket? Check out this gorgeous item:


men's suits

Mens Fashion 2 Button Velvet Jacket










“The Trend: The Longer Jacket”

You don’t need a $1037 suit to be fashion-forward and on point.  We’ve got fashion suits with the longer jacket in many styles colors and fabric choices, for about a tenth of the price! Here are just a few:

men's suits

Solo 360 Fashion Suits Collection

men's suits

Solo 360 Fashion Suits Collection

men's suits

Mens 3pc Fashion Suit in 100% Wool with Wide Leg Pants










“The Trend: Get Tribal”

You can inject a bit of the exotic into your wardrobe without breaking the bank with one of our Steven Land silk ties or a snappy dress shirt:

Steven Land 100% Silk Tie and Hanky Set

Steven Land 100% Silk Tie and Hanky Set

Men's Fashion Dress Shirt Collection

Men's Fashion Dress Shirt Collection










“The Trend: Hardly Mellow Yellow”

You can enjoy a little sunshine with this Mens Fashion Suit by Canto for just $150:

men's suits

Mens Fashion Suits Collection by Canto










“The Trend: Big Pants to Fill”

We've got wide leg pants in a 'wide' variety of colors!

Men's Fashion Wide Leg Pant by Fratello










"The Trend: Shine at Night”

We know you'll shine in these elegant suits!

Mens Classic 3 Piece Suit Collection in Midnight Blue

Mens Fashion 3pc Suit in Luxurious Shark Skin

men's formal wear

Mens Fashion 3pc Suit with Elegant Details










And we have many, many more stylish and affordable options for our discriminating customers. Now you can see how Clothing Connection Online can help you to be fashion forward without breaking the bank.

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