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  1. Best Slim Fit Suits for Men

    Clothing Connection Online has suits for every taste and style preference. With the increasing popularity of slim cut suits, we felt it was a good time to highlight a selection of our top picks for the best slim fit suits from our online inventory. If you have been hearing about this style and are curious […]

  2. Why Buy Men's Suits Online?

    Why Buy Men's Suits Online?

    Okay, there was a certain charm to the old-style men’s haberdashery. In fact, there are still a few of them around in larger cities. The staff is generally well mannered, well dressed and knowledgeable; the atmosphere is pleasant, low-pressure, and there is generally an amazing selection of ties, hats, accessories and suits. Of course, all […]

  3. Discount Men's Suits – How Do We Do It?

    Awhile back, there was a chain of warehouse discount stores called “Stupid Prices.” As amusing as that name was (and there were some really great deals to be found there), we don’t think there’s anything “stupid” about getting great discounts on the stuff you need. In fact, time was, being able to get the best […]

  4. Spring is Coming! Update Your Wardrobe With the Latest in Spring Suits

    In the springtime of the year, a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of…well, baseball, among other things. Then, there are those occasions that call on a man (as well as a boy’s and juniors) to look his best. Spring means Easter, Passover, weddings, May Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation Day, and Memorial Day to name […]

  5. Wool Suits Offer Comfort and Sustainability

    The wool suit may very well date back to the very beginning of human societies in which people lived by hunting and gathering. Among other animals, tribal peoples in Europe and the ancient Middle East hunted wild sheep for food. In the process, these prehistoric peoples discovered a very unique and highly durable fabric that […]

  6. Men's Suits – Sizes For Every Body and Look

    Men's Suits – Sizes For Every Body and Look

    As you know, carries a wide variety of fine men’s suits. However, not all of these suits are ideal for every man’s shape and look – not to mention personal tastes. For example, some men look superb in double-breasted pinstripes, while others look better in a three piece. We offer suits that are bold […]

  7. Sharkskin Suits Returning to the Wardrobe of the Well-Dressed Man

    Sharkskin Suits Returning to the Wardrobe of the Well-Dressed Man

    Ok, so we realize that most of you wouldn’t want to wear real sharkskin. The outer skin of the marine predator that has been the stuff of nightmares for beach goers is extremely rough – the scales are sharp and can even cut you. As you can imagine, our sharkskin suits are made of much […]

  8. New Arrivals: Tazio Men's Discount Suits

    New Arrivals: Tazio Men's Discount Suits

    New Arrivals: Tazio Men’s Discount Suits We’ve started to receive New Arrivals from Tazio that feature 2 piece Men’s Suits in a variety of styles and colors. All suits are standard length and include a 2 or 3 button jacket, notch label, side vents or no vents, interior pic stitching, interior french facing, two besom […]

  9. Get Smart With Three Piece Suits For Men From CCO

    Smart business wear like the classic three-piece suit is both a snappy expression of contemporary style and simultaneously timeless. In fact, you may be surprised that three piece suits for men as we know them today in the 21st Century actually go back almost 350 years. According to David Kuchta, who teaches history at the […]

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