The wool suit may very well date back to the very beginning of human societies in which people lived by hunting and gathering. Among other animals, tribal peoples in Europe and the ancient Middle East hunted wild sheep for food. In the process, these prehistoric peoples discovered a very unique and highly durable fabric that was cool in the summer, warm in the winter and, due to its natural oils, naturally waterproof! Wool’s natural properties and sustainability has earned itself resurgence in popularity. Modern man has come back to recognize and admire the many benefits to be found in this ancient material. From its sustainable production to its intrinsic qualities of durability, breathability and water shedding capabilities this natural material is sought for its it handsome and practical appeal.

Despite all the subsequent technologies that have emerged over the centuries – including agriculture, which brought us cotton and rubber, and the chemistry that led to the development of polyester, humans have been incapable of coming up with anything as overall effective for clothing as wool. Today's wool men's suits are comfortable, stylish, breathable and suitable for virtually any climate.

Do you know what sets the standards of wool apart from one another? When shopping from our selection of over sixty high quality men's wool suits, you'll want to check out the numbers – namely, the “S” number. This number describes the fineness of the wool fiber; a higher number indicates a finer fabric. For example, our Piranha Men's Super Business Suit has an S-count of 140. This means that the fabric is very fine indeed, measuring a mere 14 microns in diameter (a human hair corresponds to 40 – 120 microns), making for a luxurious, high-end suit that is soft to the touch.

Piranha Mens 2 Piece Wool Suit

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