Ok, so we realize that most of you wouldn't want to wear real sharkskin. The outer skin of the marine predator that has been the stuff of nightmares for beach goers is extremely rough – the scales are sharp and can even cut you.

As you can imagine, our sharkskin suits are made of much friendlier stuff. It was originally made from a type of fine yarn, known as worsted. Today's sharkskin suits are made from rayon and acetate in addition to mohair and a bit of Lycra (giving it flexibility). It’s this smooth two toned weave which is responsible for its namesake. Despite its almost metallic, iridescent appearance, sharkskin is soft and pliable as well as smooth.  The multi-toned appearance gives it a sleek and stylish appeal unlike other fabrics.  Modern weaving methods and textiles combined with top-of-the-line Italian craftsmanship has created sharkskin suits that are of far better quality and better looking than those of even fifteen years ago.

sharkskin suit


Time was, you could expect to pay as much as $2500 for an off-the-rack sharkskin suit from a fine Italian firm such as Vinci or Vittorio St. Angelo.  However, here at Clothing Connection Online, our prices start at under $100 – and top out at $155. You can save even more by signing up for the CCO Club. Members pay only $19.99 a year and get an additional 10% off our already low, low prices on name brand sharkskin suits as well as wool, fashion suits and a range of men's accessories.  Our inventory includes both two-piece and three-piece styles in a range of vibrant and muted colors that are just the thing for a night on the town.

Typically, a CCO Club Membership can pay for itself with the first purchase. If 10% isn't a big enough discount for you, sign up for our newsletter and take an additional 5% off your next order.  However, if you're planning on buying a lot of suits in the coming year, consider getting an Executive Club Membership. Cost is only $199 for the entire year, and entitles you to a whopping 30% discount on our entire inventory of fine men's suits.  Keep in mind that these discounts also apply to items already on sale as well as clearance items.