Smart business wear like the classic three-piece suit is both a snappy expression of contemporary style and simultaneously timeless. In fact, you may be surprised that three piece suits for men as we know them today in the 21st Century actually go back almost 350 years. According to David Kuchta, who teaches history at the University of New England, the origin of the mens 3 piece suit can be traced back to a royal decree by King Charles II of England on October 7th, 1666. In his book, The Three Piece Suit and Modern Masculinity, Kuchta quotes the diary of King Charles' First Lord of the Admiralty of the time, Samuel Pepys, in which he wrote of His Majesty's “resolution of setting a fashion for clothes, which he will never will be a teach the nobility thrift, and will do good.”  Kuchta goes on to write that the vest “marked a new beginning to Englishmen's fashion, ending a long era of doublets and hose” - which you may have seen actors wearing in Shakespeare plays.

That was the first part of the three piece suit – a sleeveless, waist-length, button-down article of clothing with pockets that not surprisingly, came to be known as the “waistcoat.”  It was not until around 1800, however that one George “Beau” Brummel decided that a matching “suit coat” and breeches should accompany the “waistcoat”.


The modern mens' three piece suit is rooted in fashion history.

While distinctly English in origin, three piece suits for men are considered stylish virtually everywhere one goes in the industrial world – not only among businessmen and lawyers, but for educators and other professionals. What's really great about three piece suits in today's world is that (unlike the Victorian Era through the 1950s, when such outfits were at their peak of popularity) the components can be mixed and matched. Wear a different pair of slacks, or a matching vest and pants with a contrasting jacket – and you can still look sharp.

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