As you know, carries a wide variety of fine men's suits. However, not all of these suits are ideal for every man's shape and look – not to mention personal tastes. For example, some men look superb in double-breasted pinstripes, while others look better in a three piece. We offer suits that are bold and offer a extra fashion statements such as our selection of sharkskin suits and “zoot suits.” However, we also cater to more conservative tastes with a large selection of business suits. And the man who really wants to go “retro” should check out our seersucker suits, recalling the popular styles of ninety and a hundred years ago (and look great with a straw boater).

Suit Sizing and Fit can Accent Body Composition

The more subtle differences in the cut and styles that exist between men's suits also help to alter your desired appearance. The differences in cut are meant to show off a man's figure to best advantage, whether he's tall and thin, short and stout, or anywhere in between. This is not to say that color and pattern doesn't make a difference; it certain can. For example, a man who is shorter and heavier can benefit from wearing dark suits with vertical stripes, which have a tendency to make one look taller and thinner. The heavy-set man can also benefit from wearing a three-button blazer, leaving the top button open. This will create the appearance of a longer torso, giving him a taller, leaner look.

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Double-breasted jackets are also good when it comes to creating a slimmer appearance in heavier men; the extra fabric does a nice job of smoothing out one's lines and making a man look taller than he is. If you are carrying a few extra pounds, you might consider a double-breasted jacket with wide lapels that join below the waistline. You may also wish to check out some of our “slim suits” from Vittorio St. Angelo and Vinci, which offer wide shoulders, a narrower waist and plain-front slacks (as opposed to pleated-front – which may emphasize that you definitely don't want emphasized).

Men who are very thin should also consider something with a looser fit. Wearing a tight-fitting “European” style suit can be a grave fashion mistake for thin men, as they can make them look even smaller and thinner than they really are. Find a suit that offers a bit of space – and therefore, adds some extra bulk. You may even be able to pull off wearing one of our longer jackets with extra buttons, which offer contemporary style while paying tribute to the type of men's coat popular during the late Victorian period.

It would be easy to say that men with “average” builds can go for something more form-fitting, but then, what defines “average”? The man with an athletic build may look good in one of our “military style” suits with the tunic-stye neck, or even a nehru jacket.

As far as lapel width goes, this is largely a matter of personal taste. Wide lapels were popular during the 1930s, while narrow lapels were back in style by the 1950s. Today, it's not unusual to men wearing both styles.

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