Mens Walking SuitWhat is a walking suit?

At CCO Menswear, our walking suits are getting more popular all the time. A walking suit is generally a two piece set with a shirt and a pair of pants. Depending on the season, the shirt will come with long or short sleeves, and the pants can be replaced by a pair of shorts in the summertime. The versatility of the style of walking suit is why you can see walking suits being worn at all kinds of events at every time of year! Walking suits can be made with a variety of material. The cheapest walking suits will be made with poly-rayon, but CCO Menswear offers walking suits from brands like Daniel Ellissa, Blue Jazz, and Silversilk with linen, cotton, and even silk materials.

Walking suits are primarily worn because there is often nothing better for a casual, fashionable look! Walking suits provide a comfortable, easygoing feel while still maintaining that top of the line fashionable look that our customers demand! A walking suit is more flexible from a wardrobe standpoint and can be combined with other accessories in many different ways.

A walking suit is typically worn casually, with the shirt untucked and with a loose, stylish fit. Depending on the design of the walking suit, the shirt and pants can sometimes be worn separately but the ensemble is designed to be worn together. Accessorizing a walking suit is often the most fun part! A straw hat by Stacy Adams and a pair of sandals, loafers, or leather shoes by Liberty Footwear or ZOTA might be the perfect finish to your new walking suits. Walking suits, because they are less formal than a full suit, can also be excellently finished with a nice watch, necklace, or pair of sunglasses. Walking suits are versatile, fashionable pieces that are a must-have for every men’s wardrobe at every time of year.