Walking Suits

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Clothing Collection Online offers a great selection of many styles and top brands of mens walking suits and leisure suits. Shop online and find a great option for a more casual outiftit that looks great. A casual men's suit offers comfort, affordability and great style. The short sleeves and breathability of walking suits makes these ideal for warm weekend wear, running errands and leisure time. Make a statement with the casual yet distinguished look of a walking suit from Canto, Blue Jazz, Daniel Elissa, Steve Harvey and more.

From church wear to the casual, urban look you sport out on the town with colleagues and friends you’re a man that not only appreciates the way a good suit hangs off your frame but you take pride in your appearance. Given that, you don’t settle for second best when it comes to stocking your closet with quality threads and want to look your best. It’s this reason you should invest in a classy and impressive walking suit.

Walking Suits are popular, relaxed, and sophisticated ensembles for the easy going man. A fancy urban outfit made to match informal situations and events, these suits will be sure to present you as not only a man that is self-confident but one that has an unabashed sense of en vogue fashion.

From 100% Cotton and Cotton blends to Wool and Poly-Rayon constructed livery, our suit styles span the spectrum of class and dashing fashion. Our seersucker suits, executive suits, subtle textured suits, and bold fashion, eye-catching suits come in a myriad of configurations.


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