You may have read our recent post on the “Mad Man” look of the 1960s. In that post, we shared some noteworthy advice on how to dress as sharp as Jon Hamm in his role as Don Draper. If you liked that advice, we have a trivia question just for you: what 1960s icon looked even more impeccably and consistently sharp than Don Draper – even when in the middle of fighting for his life (there's a hint, right there)?

Different people have their own ideas about this – but for us, it would have to be Steed. John Steed. This character, from the classic British “spy-fi” series The Avengers and played by actor Patrick Macnee (still alive and well at 91) was the absolute epitome of the well-dressed English gentleman (who nonetheless could still kick butt when necessary). Aside from culture, dialect and the Atlantic Ocean, there are a couple of other things that separate Don Draper and John Steed – primarily, accessories and the fact that the latter usually wore men's three piece suits.

3 Piece Suits OnlineThree Piece Suit at Clothing Connection Online

Men's three-piece suits have actually been around a very long time – since the late 1600s, in fact. However, they really came into their own during the Victorian. Except for minor details such as fabric, colors and pattern and cut, men's three piece suits have been virtually unchanged for the past 150 years. It is one of those classic, timeless fashions that no well-dressed man – be he in advertising, law, academia, business or even trying to save the free world with the help of a brolly and a sexy sidekick like Emma Peel – should be without.

One of the things we notice about Steed's three-piece business suit is the matching accessories; specifically, the classic bowler hat, matching tie, suspenders and hankie (sorry, you're on your own for the boutonniere).  We carry bowlers (known in the U.S. as “derbys”), and also have a fine assortment of suspender, bow ties and hankie sets from Daniel Ellissa.  There are twenty-seven different colors and patterns from which to choose, ranging from muted and conservative to outright bold and colorful. Even better, we're offering these right now at bargain-basement prices as low as $27.41 (with a CCO Executive Club Membership).  These sets allow you even more options, as they come with both a classic bow tie (for the John Steed look) and standard four-hand tie (for those preferring the Don Draper style).

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