Men's Sport Coat - Dress it Up or Dress it Down

The Deal of the Week for 10/23 to 10/29 features our new Royal Diamond Men's 100% Wool Sport Coats on sale for just $79.97 (Originally $105.00). So in this post we wanted to give you different ways to wear your Sport Coat, whether you're going for a more formal style for a dinner party or business event, or wanting to stay with a casual look for a night on the town.

Ramses Barden, wide receiver for the New York Giants, is shown here in a casual look complete with plaid Sport Coat.


What makes this Sport Coat?

The Sport Coat should fit a bit looser in order to have enough room to wear layered clothing underneath. Go with a Sport Coat that fits your build and feels right when worn. The popular 100% Wool fabric will go great with cooler weather. So for those nights when it can get a bit chilly, bring your Sport Coat along and you'll be ready to go. Our Royal Diamond Men's Sport Coats come equipped with easily accessible patch pockets and unique designs that are great for versatile wear.


Dress it Up - The Sport Coat Formal Look

This formal look for the Royal Diamond Men's 100% Wool Sport Coat with Fancy Trim hits all points. This Sport Coat comes complete with purple and green plaid accents, as well as fancy lapel and pocket trim in brown. Our Daniel Ellisa Men's French Cuff Dress Shirt Set in 100% Cotton in green with matching tie goes perfect with the purple and green plaid accents of the Sport Coat. Add on our Daniel Ellisa Men's Wide Leg Pleated Pants by Fratello in brown to match the fancy lapel and pocket trim, and you have a complete formal look for your next special occasion.


Dress it Down - The Sport Coat Casual Look

The casual look for this Royal Diamond Men's 100% Wool Sport Coat with Black Trim is a more laid back style that we love. The Sport Coat comes complete with distinctive 3 stripe pattern in brown, as well as fancy lapel and pocket trim in black. We went with our Steve Harvey Short Sleeve Men's Sport Shirt in brown to go with the 3 stripe pattern design in brown. Also paired with our Daniel Ellisa Men's Popular Flat Front Pants by Fratello in black to match the fancy lapel and pocket trim in black, you too will have a complete casual look for your next date night or dinner with friends.


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