Easter is that time of year when everything feels fresh and new. After being cooped up inside during the cold of winter, you now have a chance to show off your fashion and long-standing style without cumbersome coats and sweaters. On Easter Sunday, it’s common for men to wear suits and brightly colored kerchiefs fitted into breast pockets, while women don ornate hats and children run around in patent leather shoes. Springtime is a time of rebirth, both spiritually and physically, and that sentiment should extend to your wardrobe as well.

For Morning Services
Seersucker suits for SpringIf you are attending church services on Easter, dress for the occasion. A double-breasted seersucker suit in a blue/white or brown/white combination is an excellent and fashionable choice for this formal yet festive event. Pair the jacket and pants with a lightweight button-down shirt and a corresponding silk tie. If you want to throw in a cream fedora, go right ahead; the combination works (but make sure to take it off when attending the service!).
If you want to dress a little more casual, dress slacks with a button-down shirt opened at the neck—with or without a casual jacket—is a nice look for a morning service. Pair complementary loafer shoes with this outfit to complete this ensemble.

Easter Fun
Casual attire for EasterAfter being confined to a suit during the morning, you may want to dress casually for the afternoon’s activities. If Easter egg hunts or egg rolls, croquet and three-legged races are a part of your day, cargo shorts or other cotton shorts could work, weather permitting. Try neutral-colored shorts paired with a comfortable but tailored short-sleeved shirt, which allows you the freedom (and flexibility) to get into the spirit of the activities alongside the children.
If you are helping to serve the afternoon snacks or meal instead, pair a short-sleeved polo shirt with khaki slacks. Casual clothing like a walking suit from Blue Jazz makes the perfect complement for a relaxed day as you celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

Family Dinner
The family dinner is the culmination of an event-filled day, but it’s still more appropriate to come to the table in dressy, but still casual, clothing. A long-sleeved button-down shirt with a specialty cuff and black slacks is the perfect mix of casual and dressy that is appropriate for an evening meal. A loose-fitting shirt will also allow you a little room to enjoy your meal, especially if left untucked. Of course, if your family likes to do things more casual, jeans and a button-down shirt is a classic combination.

dress shirts for EasterAs for colors, springtime is the time of pastels. Although traditionally a color palette deemed too “feminine,” pastels have become a staple of men’s wardrobes as well. It doesn’t always have to be rosy pink and lavender, though; hues of green, blue and yellow pastels are great options to get into the season. Daniel Ellisa is one of our most popular lines for men’s shirts.

To find the perfect outfit for Easter, we recommend trying out a couple of men’s fashion trends. Buy a new suit and see how it feels on you. Try out some new colors, especially in the pastel family. Experiment with accessories like a hat or a colorful handkerchief, a bowtie instead of a traditional tie, or socks with a funky design. Easter is the season of rebirth, so change up your wardrobe this season to really feel like a new you.

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