Men's Double Breasted Suits

When you think of a Men's Double Breasted Suit, a lot of people probably look back to the 1930s to 1950s eras where men dressed like this:

However, the Double Breasted Suit has made a comeback. With a slimmer, more modern fit, designers are unveiling new Men's Suits worth looking over. Here, Sean Combs (aka Diddy) shows just how fashion forward this design has become.

You can find similar Men's Double Breasted Pin Stripe Suits from Cooper & Nelson and Vittorio St. Angelo.


What is a Men's Double Breasted Suit?

Double Breasted refers to a coat or jacket with wide, overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of of buttons or snaps. With modern Double Breasted coats, one column of buttons is decorative while the other is functional.

From a style standpoint, double breasted suit jackets usually have peaked lapels and fasten left lapel over right lapel as usual for Men's Jackets. They typically come with 6 buttons, but some designers feature 8 buttons as well. They can come in different fabrics and colors, and can be worn year round.


Men's Double Breasted Suits - On Sale Now

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Executive Style from Vinci

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