While we at Clothing Connection Online recommend getting professionally measured before ordering our products online, we do realize this is not an option in every situation. Whether it is for an event, social function, or professional endeavor, we want you to look your best. If you don't have time to get yourself to a tailor prior to placing your order, we've got you covered. So grab a measuring tape and a friend, and read on to see how to find your perfect fit.


Please note: Measurements should be made to the nearest inch (or centimeter) and you should never pull the measuring tape too tightly against your body.


Let's start with dress shirts, since they come all wrapped up, folded neatly, and pinned-and must be returned in the same condition. First, you will want to place the tape measure around the lower part of your neck, placing a finger between the tape and your neck. The majority of our dress shirts come in half sizes , so you will want to round up if you are between sizes. To measure your shirt sleeve length, you will start at the shoulder seem of your shirt all the way down the arm until you reach the desired length. Our dress shirts range in sizes from 15.5 33/34 all the way up 22.5 37/38, like this Fratello Men's French Cuff Dress Shirt Set - Contemporary Cotton, pictured below in Fuchsia.




Suits are a little trickier to measure yourself, but we do have some sizing guidelines you can follow. All of our suits have a 6 inch drop unless otherwise stated in the description. This means that the waist measurement is 6 inches smaller than the jacket measurement. This is considered industry standard. Keep in mind most suits require some sort of alterations. There is usually enough fabric in the pants for a tailor to let them out at least 2 inches. Most pants can be taken in up to 4 inches without hindering the look of the pants.


To measure your suit jacket (blazer, sport coat, etc) size, you will need to know the width of the widest part of your torso, which is just under your arms and across the chest. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor, and that you are not sucking in or holding your breath. If you haven't already, measure your sleeve length as described above, as well as your height in feet and inches. S (Short), R (Regular), and L (Long) sizes indicate slight differences in the length of the jacket sleeves and the overall proportions of the suit. Generally speaking, gentlemen up to 5’7” tall should wear S (Short), 5’8”-5’11” should wear R (Regular), and L (Long) would best fit gentlemen over 6’ tall, up to about 6’7”.


Now that you have this information, you will need to consider the type of suit you would like to wear, as the different styles may have different jacket lengths. Note: The following information is for Regular suits only. Standard/Executive suit coat length is 32 inches. Slim/Nehru length is 31.5 inches. Fashion Suit length is 33-36 inches. Urban/Zoot length is 36-38 inches, and Maxi is 39+. This measurement is from the bottom of the collar in the back of the jacket to the bottom of the jacket. If you are a Short, subtract 1.5 inches, and if you are a Long, add 1.5 inches.


A perfect example of a Standard/Executive suit is our Sacari Men's 3pc 100% Wool Executive Suit - Flat Front Pant, pictured below in Grey Sharkskin.


If you're more about fashion in addition to function, check out our Apollo King Men's 3 Piece 100% Wool Suit - Double Pleated, pictured below in Charcoal with Purple Stripe.


And if you're following the slim trend, our Vinci Men's 2 Piece Sharkskin Slim Suit - Jacket with Trim, pictured below in black, is sure to turn some heads.


No matter your size or style, Clothing Connection Online has a suit that is the perfect fit for your individual needs. As always, contact our Customer Service Representatives during our NEW extended hours for more assistance!