Italy is famous for a number of things, such as opera, sculpture, historic buildings, regional cuisines from Sicilian to Tuscan and sports cars such as the Lamborghini and the Maserati. However, it is Italy's sense of fashion that probably tops the list – and no line of clothing exemplifies this more than Vittorio St. Angelo. Known for their elegance as well as being affordable, the Vittorio St. Angelo line has a large fan base around the world. These suits are painstakingly designed and crafted from high-end materials – and at Clothing Connection, a Vittorio St. Angelo three-piece can be yours for about $100 (even less than that, if you are an Executive Club member).

For example, consider the men's fashion three-piece suit. This is a style that first came into existence over three hundred and fifty years ago, and since the Victorian Age, has been almost unchanged. It is a timeless look appropriate for the office boardroom, the courtroom, the academic lecture hall or anywhere that a man needs to look his best – but the occasion isn't quite formal enough to call for a tux (though the label has you covered there as well). Pinstripes are not only slimming, but since the 1920s, have been the mark of the powerful, well-dressed man. We have a number of different pinstripes available, all made from fine virgin wool and featuring vented sleeves as well as three inner pockets. Choose from charcoal, brown or navy and wide, bold striping or pencil stripes.

two piece slim suit

Of course, you have many other options as well. Vittorio St. Angelo fashion three-piece and two suits come in solids as well as the popular sharkskin. The sharkskin suit, silver-grey with black lining and lapels, has been one of our best sellers, and is an excellent choice for catching the ladies' eyes while out for a night on the town.Two-piece slim suits are also available.

While the Vittorio St. Angelo line designer fashions has plenty in the way of office, formal and evening wear, you'll also find outfits for those more casual occasions. Walking suits are derived from a popular outfit of the Victorian era, but fully updated for the Twenty-first Century. Priced at around $60, these walking suits are lightweight and sharp looking, yet suitable for outdoor summer parties or a casual evening with friends.

Walking suits

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So – what are you waiting for? Right now, everything in our store is priced right and the holidays are rapidly approaching – so sign up for an account, log in and start shopping today!