Our goal at CCO Menswear is to bring you a curated selection of high-quality styles at an affordable price point. That means sourcing our suits (and other menswear essentials) from trusted brands. We wanted to give you an introduction to each of our awesome designers, which is why we're starting the Designer Spotlight series here in the blog!

various three-piece statementbrand suits in emerald, gold, maroon, and a blue/tan combo

Make a statement with Statement

Our first feature designer is Statement, a brand that is always at the forefront of fashion. Whether you live in LA, New York City, Miami, or elsewhere, you're bound to find a Statement suit that complements your surroundings. Statement itself ships from California, and all of CCO Menswear's products are shipped from the U.S.

How much do Statement suits cost?

Statement suits range between $269-$299, but you can snag select styles for even less in our outlet. Be sure to check out our latest promo for an additional discount!

Stand-out style

If you have an important meeting or a big celebration, wearing a Statement suit will set your confidence at a level 11. Statement puts their twist on high fashion and red carpet looks minus the luxury price tag. The brand's suits are so distinctly detailed, they look custom. It's just the right amount of flair to stand out without going overboard.

Statement suits fall anywhere on the spectrum from solids and subtle plaids to pinstripes and bold designs. The brand delivers a diverse selection of modern fit, wide legs, double-breasted, two-piece, three-piece, and even tons of tuxedos. You can also count on a wide availability of sizes, styles, and colors from Statement, including big and tall!

If a customer wants a quality wool suit that doesn't look like the rest, Statement is a great — and affordable — option. Statement is the only brand we carry that offers a super 200s wool.

What is super 200s wool?

Super 200s wool is a highly favored fine blend of cashmere and wool. "Super numbers" define the fineness of the wool fiber in the fabric. The higher the super number (such as super 120s, 150s, or 200s), the lighter and finer the wool thread is. These Statement suits are no joke, and they feel amazing.

Customer favorites from Statement

Our all-time best-selling Statement suit

Statement Men's 3 Piece 100% Wool Suit - Fashion Pinstripe in Grey

Curious about our leading customer favorite? It's this Statement 3-piece 100% wool pinstripe suit in grey, featuring super 150s 100% wool. It's priced at $269.

Best-selling wide-leg suit

Statement Men's 3 Piece 100% Wool Suit - Elegant Solid in Navy

If you love a wide-leg fit, check out the ever-popular Statement 3-piece 100% wool solid suit. It's also priced at $269.

Top pick for double-breasted suit

Statement Men's 2 Piece 100% Wool Double Breasted Suit - Bold Pinstripe in Black

Turn heads with this Statement 2-piece 100% wool double-breasted suit in black pinstripe. Affordable at $269, this is a solid staple suit that will carry you through a variety of events with confidence.

With rich colors and top-quality fabric, you'll never regret buying a Statement suit. Find your size with our suit size estimator and start shopping now. Be sure to review your favorites and share your thoughts with other CCO customers!