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You may be aware that Clothing Connection Online has a vast selection of men's suits in dozens of styles, colors and fabrics for much less than you'll pay elsewhere. However, we are also your best source for those looking for discount men's dress shirt. 

Currently, we have well over a hundred different men's dress shirts in our inventory. These range from formal tuxedo shirts to casual shirts for everyday. Select from traditional collared shirts or  banded collar shirts as well as convertible cuff shirts and men's French cuff dress shirts.

Dress Shirts for Men

What's a “French cuff”? That's a shirt with an extra long cuff that you have to fold back on itself. There's no cuff button; you'll need a pair of good cufflinks to hold them together. The good news is, several of our men's French cuff dress shirts come with cufflinks at no additional cost! You'll also find shirts with matching ties for one low price as well as smart-looking pullover sweaters for a more “cuddly” look (yes, network executives back in the day told newscaster Ted Koppel to wear a sweater under his business jacket for just that reason!)

The best part: the vast majority of our men's shirts are priced at under $50.

The fact is, our retail operation is located exclusively in cyberspace. That means we don't have to deal with the usual cost of doing business, such as paying rent and utilities. This translates into real savings – that we can pass along to you!

By the way, we have nothing against brick-and-mortar businesses – in fact, if you operate your own independent neighborhood clothing store, we have a special  deal for you that can make it easier to complete with those corporate chain stores out at the mall. It's called our “Wholesale Club.” For $199 a year, you can take a whopping 30% off our already low prices. Buy as much – or as little – as you want of our discount brand name clothing.

You can still sign up for the Wholesaler's Club even if you aren't a clothing retailer – but if you're not planning to buy in retail quantities, you might consider joining the Executive Club. Membership costs only $19.99 a year, and members get an additional 10% everything in our store.

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