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From church wear to the casual, urban look, you’re a man that not only appreciates the way a good suit hangs off your frame, and you take pride in your appearance. Given that, you don’t settle for second best when it comes to stocking your closet with quality threads - it’s this reason you should invest in a classy and impressive walking suit. Men’s walking suits are popular, relaxed, and sophisticated ensembles for the easy-going man.

CCO Menswear offers a great selection of the top brands and trending styles for men’s walking suits and track suits. A casual men's walking suit offers comfort, affordability and great style. Our short sleeve walking suits offer breathability and comfort that makes them ideal for warm weekend wear, running errands and leisure time. While our denim long sleeve walking suits are perfect for cold winter mornings, cool summer evenings, and while at your favorite weekend spot.

Make a statement with the casual yet distinguished look of a walking suit from brands like Silversilk, Apollo King, Montique, Karl Knox, and more. From 100% Cotton and Cotton blends to Wool and Poly-Rayon constructed livery, our walking suit styles span the spectrum of class and dashing fashion.

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