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Our large selection of men’s tuxedos under $100 offers you the ability to find a finely crafted men's tuxedo at a discount price. You will love our selection of wool and poly rayon affordable men’s tuxedos. CCO Menswear offers a wide variety of designs and labels to match your style at a reasonable price. A quality, stylish men’s tuxedo is a staple to any man’s closet, to find such an assortment under $100 is too good to buy just one.

We carry a full collection of discount men’s tuxedos from Apollo King, Loriano, Royal Diamond, Vinci, Vittorio St. Angelo. Our selection includes a range of colors, lengths and styles, 2 piece or 3-piece, pinstripe or seersucker. You can be confident that you will find the ideal tuxedo to fit any occasion. What’s even better is that our men’s tuxedo under $100 are also included in our club pricing if you join our CCO Menswear club. An already incredibly priced tuxedo will be discounted yet again. We strive to provide high quality dress clothes at an affordable price with exceptional customer service

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