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100% Wool Tuxedos

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Browse our large selection of mens wool tuxedos. Our 100% wool tuxedos for men are of the highest quality, made with superior fabric and extraordinary tailoring. A premium wool tuxedo is the way to really exude confidence and demand attention!

You may be specifically shopping for a special occasion. We have a variety of different mens wool tuxedos waiting for you to wear to your next big night. Our 100 wool suit selection is full of different designers and styles. Regardless of what event or night you are getting ready for, you have a large selection of mens wool suits to choose from! 

We carry a full collection of mens wool tuxedos from Apollo King, Loriano, Royal Diamond, Statement, Vinci, Vittorio St. Angelo. Our selection of 100% wool tuxedos includes a variety of colors, lengths and styles. Choose a tuxedo that fits the look that you searching for; whether you want to match the scene or stand out.

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