Statement Men's French Cuff Shirt Set - Bold Stripes

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Statement 100% cotton men's french cuff dress shirt comes in a bold stripes style and includes tie, designer matching cuff links, and hanky. These unique dress shirts are a great complement to your new suit.
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Statement Men's French Cuff Shirt Set - Bold Stripes. Pictured in Black.

Bold Stripes
French Cuff Dress Shirt
Cuff Links
100% Cotton
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Caption New Statement French Cuff Dress Shirt Set collection from Clothing Connection Online! The Statement label always impresses with elegance, style, and distinction in an affordable package. These French Cuff Dress Shirts are no different. Check out Statement French Cuff Dress Shirts from Clothing Connection Online today!
Shipping Information This item will ship same day if ordered by 1pm EST otherwise it will ship on the next business day. Your selection will ship exactly as pictured. Check out the advantages for shopping with an A rated BBB Gold Star Recipient. Low Prices & Great Customer Service.
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