What Outfit Should a Guy Wear to Prom?

Can you believe it? High school prom is just on the horizon this spring. Whether it's your junior prom or senior prom, it's a momentous occasion where plenty of pictures will be taken, which means you'll want to be looking your best. There's a lot of pressure to pick out what you're going to wear. And, of course, you'll want to impress your date!

When it comes to prom outfits for guys, it might not seem like there are a ton of options. The go-to tux is what comes to mind, but there are many ways you can add versatility to your prom attire. The level of formality might also depend on your school, which is important to keep in mind. When looking at the below options, you'll want to consider the venue, the weather, and so on.

The good news? There are enough options to choose from that you can easily find something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. After all, prom is about showcasing YOU and enjoying your big night. Check out our recommended options for prom outfits:

The Classic Black Tuxedo

Stylish, flattering, timeless. For your high school prom, you can't go wrong with the classic black tuxedo. Aside from looking great, an advantage of this attire is that it will go well with your date's outfit no matter what the color scheme. Play it safe with a black bow tie and matching pocket square, or add a splash of color by coordinating them with your date's look. If you're attending multiple proms, you can even easily customize your look for each.

Classic black tuxedo for prom
A classic black tuxedo is a timeless choice for prom.

Many men steer clear of tuxedos due to the price of rental alone. The current cost to rent a tuxedo ranges from $90 to $250, with the average cost landing at about $135. Oftentimes, this doesn't even factor in the necessary accessories like shoes. The good news? For the same price (or even less!) you can purchase a tuxedo to keep from CCO Menswear. This two-piece, classic black tuxedo is only $89, and there are plenty of other affordable tuxedos to choose from.

The Slim-Fit Suit

Not feeling the tuxedo look, or want to invest in something a bit more practical? Slim-fit suits look dapper enough for prom while being practical enough to wear to graduation and other special events afterwards. Slim-fit suits are always flattering, and three-piece suits feature vests that make them feel a bit more formal. Plus, they have a modern look that won't go out of style anytime soon.

Slim-fit suits for prom
Slim-fit suits give you a savvy look for prom.

No matter what color, texture, or pattern you're looking for, CCO Menswear has a slim-fit suit for you. Our top-rated suits are made with quality materials so they'll be comfortable all night long and last for years. With prices starting as low as $50 for a full suit, this is a much more frugal option than renting your outfit for prom.

The Sport Coat + Dress Pants Combo

What do guys wear to prom besides a tux or suit? Fear not, there ARE more options available for the guy who doesn't like dressing up quite to the level of a tux.

Maybe you already have a dress shirt and dress pants, but need something to dress it up a bit. Or — maybe you want something a bit more versatile to mix and match for later occasions. The solution? Try adding a slick sport coat to your closet. With CCO Menswear's sport coats starting at just $50, these can also be a more affordable option for prom.

Stylish sport coats for prom
Sport coats are a great alternative to wearing a tux to prom.

You can pick something simple like a classic black, a contrasting gray, or even a bold color or texture. Sport coats allow you to be playful with your style without committing to a completely new look. Plus, you can pair them with different pants, shirts, shoes, and accessories to make your sport coat look savvy for any occasion moving forward.

The Statement Tux

Feeling the tuxedo look, but want something with a bit more flair? Find something that suits your personality and helps you stand out from the crowd with a tuxedo featuring bold colors, interesting patterns, or both! If you're the type of guy who likes to be different, this is the look for you.

Bold statement tuxedo
Stand out at prom with a bold, exciting tuxedo.

Don't worry — CCO Menswear has you covered with tons of options. You can go for something shiny and textured for extra personality, or keep it simple and sensible with a slick two-tone look. Just make sure it matches your date! The statement tux might not be the most practical in terms of opportunities to re-wear it, but it's still a better deal than renting a tux you don't get to keep. And it's worth it for the complements you'll get and the memories you'll make!

Bonus tip: accessorize!

If you want even more flair for your prom wear, try adding accessories like pocket squares, cuff links, fun socks, or even a hat to suit your personal style.

Ready to rock the dance floor with your new look? Don't forget shoes and a boutonniere! Be sure to tag @CCOMenswear on Instagram so we can see you bring your CCO Menswear looks to life. Wishing you a happy prom season and end to the school year!