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Double Breasted Suits

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Since the 1930’s the men’s double-breasted suit has remained a classic in men’s clothing design. A double breasted suit by definition refers to a jacket that has two symmetrical columns of buttons by contrast, a single-breasted item has a narrow overlap where the jacket closes and only one column of buttons that allow for buttoning.

Over the years, this line of men’s suits has become much trimmer and more tailored, by making the waist narrower and framing the upper body, this suit style ends up creating a much sharper look for both thin and large men - this has made it a timeless classic for everyone from 007’s Roger Moore to John Legend.

With many stylish options for under $100, we’ve made your search for a high-quality, yet affordably priced double breasted suit very easy. Our collection includes many premium brands such as Apollo King, Royal Diamond, Tony Blake, and Vinci, which utilize high-quality / durable materials and wonderful designs that appear as though you had a suit custom-made for you.

We carry a large selection of styles, colors and sizes, eliminating the need to worry about settling for less like you would at a physical storefront. If you are looking to complete an outfit, take a look at our french-cuff dress shirts or dress shirt and tie sets; these include a shirt with tie that helps compliment both the shirt and the suit, or additional accessories such as kerchiefs.

With the reasonable prices that CCO Menswear has you will be able to afford more than one double-breasted suit.

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