Loriano suits have become one of the hottest new brands out there. From 100% wool suits to wool blends and styles ranging from 3 piece men's suits to executive & business suits and double breasted men's suits, they offer the largest selection of suits around.

This week we have been focusing on different styles of suits. We continue that today with a discussion of double breasted suits.

Double Breasted Suits

Double breasted suits for men have returned from their popularity in the mid 1930’s until the late 1950’s and from the mid 1980’s until the mid 1990’s as a fashion statement for the modern man. These classic pieces deliver timeless style. But even as the double breasted suit returns to the clothing market, it is still difficult to find the essential qualities that have marked the truly classic mens double breasted suits as worn before. That is why, here at Clothing Connection Online, we are offering tailored double breasted mens suit pieces in our great selection to help you find the best piece easily and quickly.

Double Breasted Mens Suits for a Clean and Polished Look

Our wide offering of different styles, sizes, and designs of double breasted suits for men is a testament that we understand the importance of an impeccable fit that will make it look clean and polished for the one who wears it. The cut of mens double breasted suits should be tailored according to the wearer’s torso and waist. A perfect fit will create a look of tidiness or neatness and the faultless trim cut can make an illusion of making shorter gentlemen look proportionately normal height or even taller.

Clothing Connection Online offers classic styled double breasted suits with overlapping front flaps and two, parallel columns of buttons or snaps. We also have the current styled one column of decorative buttons and another column of functional buttons allowing it to fasten reversibly. Included in our wide choices are original double-breasted suit pieces with six buttons, including three to close. We also feature a four-button double breasted suit known as "Kent", after the Duke of Kent who popularized it.

We Stand Behind Our Line of Double Breasted Suits

Double breasted mens suits are a typical choice for formal gatherings or special occasions. It can easily be matched with either a necktie or bowtie. But most often than not, mens double-breasted suits are worn without a neck accessory since the suit itself already exudes formality. Instead, a pocket handkerchief is added for color or texture. Choose from our long list of suits available online with complete details as with the size, color, style to give you the most accurate information of what you are about to purchase. We don’t want to waste your time purchasing the wrong piece with inaccurate details. If you do happen to purchase the wrong item, Clothing Connection Online is proud to claim that we maintain a generous return policy, which other online stores lack. We firmly stand by our suits with outstanding service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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