Nehru Suits Embody Contemporary Asian Style

Years ago, there was this terribly sexy, form-fitting dress from China that started catching on among Western women. Known as the cheongsam, or qi-pao, it was a tight garment with slits up the side, worn primarily by women of China's upper classes, showing both curve and leg. Meanwhile, the Japanese will readily tell you that the kimono is the most seductive garment ever designed. 

So much for the ladies – but what about us guys?

Men's Nehru Suit

When it comes to men's fashion, Asian styles such as the nehru suit or the mandarin collar suit is less about sex appeal and more about classy appearance that is at once businesslike and delightfully exotic and different. For the uninitiated, the nehru-collar suit, also known as the mandarin suit, is one that features a banded collar. Based on the South Asian achikan, or sherwani,  it is a style that businessmen, merchants and even politicians in India and China have worn for decades (in fact, it was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, who popularized the garment back in the late 1940s and 1950s).

Because of the banded collar, it's ideal for the guy who wants to look good – whether for business or a night on the town – but hates wearing ties. (On the other hand, Canto and Vinci offer nehru-styled jackets that actually have an opening that allows one to wear a button-down shirt and tie underneath – imagine a suit jacket without lapels and you get the idea.) Maybe you're looking for something different from the usual business attire – or maybe you're nostalgic for the 1960s when the Beatles introduced nehru jackets to the West – or both. Either way, the nehru collar suit is for you.

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