Denim Suits For Men – Stylish and Modern!

There's almost nothing more solidly and traditionally American than men's denim suits. After all, its the fabric that helped cowboys tame the West and our sailors win World War II in the Pacific...right? 

You might be surprised. For one thing, denim has been around a lot longer than most people realize. In fact, denim originated in medieval France, in a town called Nimes. When this rugged, yet inexpensive, durable cotton fabric finally made its way to America in the mid 1800s, it was known as Serge De Nimes – get it?

Men's Denim Suits

Because of  its durability and comfort – and because it is easier to clean than other types of fabric – denim has long been the choice of men who work with their hands – particularly mechanics, engineers, painters and builders. However, the men's denim suit is now making its way into more formal circles as well.  At Clothing Connection  Online, you'll even find men's denim suits that are completely appropriate for the office (even when it's not Casual Friday). Choose our spiffy  Men's Fashion Three Piece Suit from Vittorio St. Angelo with stylish, wide leg pants for under $120. For more formal occasions, Canto offers fashion denim suits trimmed in your choice of velvet, leather or satin, starting at under $180.

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